Sigma Industries

Research and development


Sigma's divisions are configured to provide art-to-part development services that transcend the “build-to-print” mentality of the industry. To this end, Sigma's RMC Division launched Black Box Solutions™, a team of development experts dedicated to:

  • finding the next disruptive composite technology - in new materials and processes, or unique applications of existing technologies - thus keeping Sigma and its customers ahead of their competitors
  • transforming its client’s product concepts into reality using proprietary new technologies or a new take on the tried-and-true, and
  • constantly experimenting to optimize manufacturing processes and materials utilization, reducing cost and waste, and improving productivity.

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Black Box services include:

Program Management

Maintaining superiority in existing/new manufacturing technologies/processes for select clientele by providing program structure, controlling risk & scope of activities.

Design Engineering

Creating product/process concepts that are functional, safe, and can be manufactured efficiently; setting mechanical and product performance criteria; supervising the validation process; and providing 3-D CAD models.

Industrial Design

Black Box Solutions' team is headed by a professional industrial designer with over 46 years of experience in new product development and the design of commercial vehicles. Sigma's divisions have formed strategic alliances with key industrial design contractors that provide depth that few other composite firms can match in product branding, ergonomics, styling, and 3-D CAD modeling.

Industrial Engineering

Creating superiority in existing/new manufacturing technologies/processes and leveraging same to create competitive advantage for Sigma's customers; continually reducing manufacturing process costs through innovation; prototype development, tooling design and management; and plant implementation of development programs.

Materials technology

Creating and maintaining superiority in existing/new manufacturing materials/processes to create competitive advantage for Sigma's customers; technical review/selection of candidate materials and processes; and leading production evaluation circles.

Global Sourcing:

Creating superiority in materials/support service/equipment sourcing & leveraging this superiority to create competitive advantage for Sigma's customers; developing supply strategies that leverage the value of new process and materials technology; establishing and managing strategic alliances with key suppliers to access under-utilized development capacity; and researching allied markets to identify processes and materials that can be adapted to improve customer’s competitive stance.

3-D CAD modeling & simulation:

Our divisional engineers are experienced operators of Solid Edge/Solid Works. When it comes to vetting the structural integrity of their design recommendations, our engineers rely on service providers with impeccable credentials for FEA and virtual simulation. Where public safety is concerned, we go the distance.

Physical testing and certification:

Augmenting our divisional capabilities are two of the most recognized, independent testing agencies in Canada.